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Primo Products

Plastic Pens

Indenting plastic pens gives you the opportunity to virtually create your own pen. It is possible to select the colour and finish for each individual pen part. PMS colours are possible but accurate matches can only be achieved with solid plastic colours. PMS matches on other finishes will only be approximate. You can also choose the refill colour and special packaging options are available for an extra charge.

Plastic Pen Finishes

Solid (opaque) Finish: This is the normal plastic finish which can be matched reasonably accurately to PMS colours.

Translucent Finish: Translucent finishes are clear plastic with a coloured tint added. PMS matches are difficult to achieve due to the transparent nature of the plastic.

Frosted Finish: There are two ways to create a frosted finish. The most common is to spray a clear lacquer on a translucent pen part which produces a frosted effect. The other method is to sand blast the mould which produces a matt finish when translucent plastic is moulded. It is possible to achieve approximate PMS colour matches with both methods.

Metallic Finish: Metallic finishes are achieved by spraying pen parts with metallic lacquer. Approximate PMS colour matches are possible but of course they are in a metallic colour.

Soft Touch Rubber Lacquer: This finish is often used to coat grip parts as it looks and feels like rubber. It cannot be printed so should not be used on parts where printing is required. Soft touch rubber lacquer can give either a frosted or solid colour finish and approximate PMS colour matches are possible.

Metal Pens

Metal pens can be indented in any colour or finish with printing or laser engraving. The price will vary depending on whether you choose a painted or plated finish.

Painted Finishes: Painted finishes are achieved by painting the pen parts with a lacquer and then heating them to produce a permanent finish. It is very easy to produce PMS colours with painted finishes.

Plated Finishes: Plated finishes are produced by electroplating. The pen parts are immersed in a solution containing dissolved metal and an electric current is passed through it. Metal is attracted to the pen barrel and produces a permanent metal plating.

Electro plating is more expensive than painting but produces a much higher quality look and feel to the pen. PMS colours are not possible with electro plating.

Anodised Finishes: Anodised finishes are possible only on aluminium pens and you can choose shiny or matt. PMS colours can only be used as a guide and actual colours will vary from batch to batch.

Printing Areas And Positions

The printing areas and positions for both printing and laser engraving may vary from our local production.

Our overseas factories prefer to see artwork before quoting a final print area and your proof will show the copy set to the print area the factory has approved.

Proofs And Pre Production Samples

Before Indent production begins you will receive a proof. Once this is okayed the order cannot be cancelled for any reason including late delivery.

A pre-production Indent sample will then be produced for final approval if required.